When working on a construction project, you need the right products that will ensure quality and safety. In most cases home builders and contractors seek recommendation from sources they feel such as dealers to help them choose the right products for the right application. 


The quality and sustainability offered by different cement brands differ therefore you must be careful while selecting the cement to use for your construction project. Construction projects that have great bones and can stand the test of time use cement that has better water retention, high bond strength that enhances workability during construction. At Grey Oak, the correct application of high-strength and quality cement give us strong reliable concrete, mortar/plaster making our work durable and ensuring optimum quality and efficiency.


Choosing cement for your construction is not as simple as picking the first bag at the hardware store; you may only know the quality of the cement once you use it, but there are ways to make sure you are using a reliable product. That is why we chose to recommend to you the top three brands of cement in Uganda right now so as to ease your work. It is very important that you use only a reputed brand of cement. Good brands of cement may cost more, but offer quality, consistency and reliability


Tororo Cement. 

This company is the oldest cement company in Uganda, founded in 1952 and currently has the largest marketshare (44%). It is the largest manufacturing company of “Cement and Steel products” in Uganda, and one of the largest in East Africa. It is accredited under ISO 9001 for its quality production and process and ISO 14001 for its effective Environment and cleaner production. 

Tororo Cement has an outstanding record of achievements that include the KACITA 'Ani Mukozi' award for outstanding performance in quality production and marketing, the president's Export Award (Gold category) and many more.Its products are well certified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, affirming their quality. Tororo cement has been used on a number of tremendous projects and is still being used due to the quality of the work it produces; no wonder it has managed to stay on top after all these years.


Hima Cement.

This is the second largest cement company in Uganda and comes second in marketshare (28%). It has served the Ugandan market with construction materials for quite some time, since 1994. Due to its quality products, it has received a number of awards and recognition as it was named exporter of the year 2018 in the Annual Presidential exporter’s awards and received a platinum award. Hima cement is a well trusted brand and that explains the many enormous projects where it has been used, including the expansion on Entebbe International Airport, the construction of the Mubende-Kakumiro-Kagadi road, the construction of the Tororo-Mbale-Soroti road among others.


Simba Cement

Simba cement will take third place in the priority list. It is a subsidiary of National Cement Kenya Limited, and is quite new on the Ugandan market, as it was started in 2018 but has gained trust among the people and that is why it is taking third place in the market share, supplying 15% of the market in Uganda in such a short period. It opened with an immediate production capacity of 750 tonnes, but with a promise to double that to 1.5 million tonnes per annum in 2019. 


Uganda does not have very many cement companies, that’s why Kampala Cement, a part of a Conglomerate under Multiple Group of Companies, is the only one left taking 13% of the marketshare and started operation in 2015. Also good cement approved by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards as well as ISO certification. It has been supplied to major projects ranging from Hydro Electric Power Dams, Government Hospitals, Government Towers, Office blocks, Roads works, Hotels, Housing Estates, Commercial Buildings, Malls, Plazas as well as pre-cast manufacturers.


Never the less, when choosing cement, it is important that you choose a reputable brand and one that will offer quality without over straining your budget.

Grey Oak