There is no such thing as rules or hard laws governing interior design. Everybody has the ability to be a great designer on his or her living space. Sadly, most people believe that in order to have a beauty you MUST hire a professional interior designer or decorator sometimes sacrificing their own desires, dreams, intuitions that bring out in-built creativity. Below are a few tips for those interior design enthusiasts, on how to become the perfect decorator as you save up some shillings to hire a professional. 

Take photos of you room;

Most times, we get so used and comfortable with rooms that we never realize what can possibly make them look better through imagination. Taking a picture will show you a different perspective, bringing your imagination to life. The pictures will help you know what to move around and what to add to the room.

Consider the purpose of each room;

Every room in the house has a specific purpose based on its use. So decorate each room according to its functionality. For example, cups cannot be used to decorate a bedroom and a couch cannot be used to decorate a bathroom. Look out for items that will not only be used the spaces but can also add a touch of beauty and class.

Choose a limited color palette;

Less is more. A few colors are easy to work with and make the place look elegant. Most of our clients agree that it is very pleasing to the eye to see a few colors used repetitively around a room. This helps you see and understand what to add or move around the room. It is advisable to choose at least three colors that can hold your theme together. 

Add a touch of black to each room;

A hint of black in each room makes it beautiful, elegant and relate-able. It’s not really about the color black, just in case you don’t like it, but it’s about it rounding your decor and making everything in it look better. The black item doesn’t have to be big; it could be a small vase you just bought from store.

Add a good-sized plant;

Plants have a way of adding life to a room and makes it much more habitable. Just make sure you get a big sized pot and put the plant in a place where it will grow. Also, be sure to look after them very well by watering them when necessary. Remember access to sunlight is important.

Add a mirror in each room;

A mirror makes a room that is somewhat dull rather very interesting. Mirrors add natural light to a room that is a bit dark by reflecting outside light to show you what else in going on in the room.

Blend your storage with your decor;

Most people are used to storage items being dull and plastic, it doesn’t have to be that way in your home. Find a way of buying decorative storage items. This will function better because you have pretty thing around and inside them are the things you need.

Give your room space to breathe;

Remove the clutter, remove the things you don’t use in your daily life and see how much better your house will look after. You don’t have to necessarily give your stuff away, that what storage rooms are for. 

Hang your drapes and curtains as high as possible.

When you do that, the room will look rich and bigger. The drapes should be long enough to touch the ground, swathed and organized in a nice decorative way that is appealing to the eye. Try as much as possible to get draping that is in the limited color palette discussed in 3 above.

Create a flow in your home

This will work perfectly when you choose to work with a limited color palette. You will create a flow easily with color or a design element and this will add a personal touch that all visitors shall notice and appreciate. Put items of each color in each room and avoid throwing just one color in one place.


With these few tips and many more, you are on your merry way to become a good decorator.


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