9 Reasons why experts use 3D visualization for a professional polish of their projects.

During construction, both novice and experienced clients’ get drawn into disagreements with unscrupulous contractors regarding omissions of columns or walls or more commonly reducing the floor to ceiling height of a building.

This, we can attribute to simply, the lack of a vision - basic understanding of the final product. Whereas most clients believe that most contractors can interpret architectural and engineering drawings, architectural or 3D visualization presents the project in a more analytical and simpler medium.

Expert property developers like hotels chains, real estate investors use these artistic impressions that software like Lumion or Unreal 4 easily make. This gives a better understanding and comprehension of color schemes, finishes and fittings resulting into a final coherent project. With that in mind, Grey Oak Limited uses 3D visualization because of its ability to;-

  • Test and play with different material compositions for finishing that is classical, contemporary or traditional at no cost.
  • Compose the project as a scenic work of art.
  • Show effects of the sun and different light sources and types on spaces.
  • Test different renders from different distance, building angles and all elevations or sides of the building.
  • Share design and infrastructure concepts among-st friends and mentors for second opinions and critics.
  • Improves presentation materials like brochures for the project long before its completion
  • Consider and therefore improve the buildings environments
  • Use BIM, which minimizes the possibilities of errors regardless of how often design alterations are made.
  • Improve team collaboration by making it easier in an efficient way to share conceptual designs across various project teams and contractors.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtzOEL7MaKSBbiyh0Gb-9A/videos to see examples.

Grey Oak